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Yaram work with artists to develop high quality content and of performances, present them to new audiences, and generally foster cultural awareness and social cohesion through music and arts.

Yaram emerged in the mid 1990’s, when it managed a community football team and began organising sporting and artistic events for the African Diaspora in London. The team participated in football tournaments around the UK. Our successes on the pitch often culminated in musical and artistic celebrations at various London venues. Gradually our passion for the arts grew whilst we noticed a glaring need for the professional development of artists. Through organic growth driven by love and passion for the arts, Yaram was first registered as a fully fledge arts company in 2000. 


In the late 1990s, Yaram hosted African diaspora football events in London to promote positive engagement, as well as physical and mental wellbeing amongst African migrant families.  We also formed and managed an amateur team that progressed to compete in various football tournaments across the United Kingdom.  These events were frequented by professional football scouts and managers in search of raw talent.  We had successes where some of our players were recruited into professional football Academies and one eventually signed a contract with an English Premier League team.

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