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African Night Fever:

A music promotion outfit that tours emerging UK based and other international artists in Brighton and the South East area.  It is led by Ebou Touray who is also a producer for Yaram. 



Mboka Festival:

Mboka Festival of Arts, Culture and Sports is held annually in The Gambia.  Artists, including writers from the African diaspora and the continent converge to dialogue and promote different art forms and celebrate our common cultural heritage with a view to enhancing responsible economic development in The Gambia.

It was founded in 2017 by the acclaimed poet/activist Kadija Sesay, Momodou Sallah from Global Hands and the award winning responsible tourism expert Adama Bah.

Yaram Arts became a partner in 2019 when Global Hands withdrew its’ membership.

GK Partners: GKP has provided Yaram with pro bono technical support through corporate governance, organisational development, project development, and finance and fundraising.

Gambia Police Band: The Gambia returned to democracy in 2017. As part of the diaspora contribution to institutional reconstruction in the country, Yaram is supporting the professional development of the Gambia Police Band.

Arts Council: Yaram has been supported by the Arts Council England (ACE) through a series of project grants since 2000. In 2012, Yaram gained status as a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), and receives regular funding from ACE.



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