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Yaram's broad calendar of events includes a flagship annual cultural weekend festival, which takes place over the August Bank holiday period.  It is a dedicated 3-day festival to showcase Sene-Gambian and West African art, culture, traditions and contemporary music. It is family-friendly, creating an opportunity for children in particular, to experience the rich and authentic culture of West Africa. The festival features: Cultural Evening; Musical Concert; Masquerade in the Park; and Club Night.


Cultural Evening (Bank Holiday Friday): Traditional Sene-Gambian music and dance, with a cultural show led by a women's group, featuring traditional fashion, hairstyles and jewellery.


Musical Concert (Bank Holiday Saturday): Night concert by touring Sene-Gambian artists, supported by UK based musicians.


Masquerade in the Park (Bank Holiday Sunday): Performance by West African masquerades (including 'Zimba', 'Huntin' and 'Kankurang') whose traditions date back to medieval and earlier times. This show in the park includes stalls selling African food, and African products and artefacts. We also have information stalls for charities and campaigns, businesses and social enterprises.    


Club Night (Bank Holiday Sunday Night): Popular club night with DJs and live performances.


Masquerade Show: ('Zimba', 'Huntin' and 'Kankurang'): The masquerade show was launched in 2010. In 2011, it was first presented in an open air setting as part of the Hackney One Carnival Festival. Since then the Yaram masquerade show is held at a municipal park in London, open to the public and to the diverse London and UK audiences, and attracting large number of people, including children and families.

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