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African Masquerade Tour

Yaram Arts presents a spectacle of traditional masquerade dance followed by contemporary Congolese and Latin music! Experience a dramatic performance of the story of ZIMBA Lion

The ZIMBA Lion is a medieval masquerade tradition in The Gambia and Senegal, where humans imitate and dance as a Lion in the wild.  The Spectacle is accompanied by an assortment of ‘Sabar’ percussionists that leads the masquerade artists into different dance routines.A Spirit Caller will dramatise the ‘JATT Act’ (Tranquilising the Lion) by uttering an incantation and reciting a special language that will put the lion in a trance and subsequently bring it back to life.

Kinshasa to Havana in an exuberant Explosion of Sound

Grupo Lokito fuse contemporary Congolese and Cuban music creating a modern-day cocktail of two of the great world musics. Based in London, the band features top class Congolese and Latin musicians. They have taken the UK by storm, wowing festivals and the club circuit alike with their blistering grooves and outlandish dance moves. In 2016 the band were awarded the UK Lukas Award ‘ Tropical Act of the Year’, leading to their acclaimed headline performance at the La Clave Festival, 2017.

The glorious melodious vocals of Congolese front men Eugene Makuta and Iddo Donnatella blends with soaring guitars courtesy of Congolese guitar hero Mbokalia, and the lilting keyboards of Latin piano player Sara. All of this sits on top of the rhythmic powerhouse team of Ernesto (drums), Emeris (Congas) and Elpidio (bass). Since their formation in 2006 the band have gone from strength to strength, completing several UK tours and building a solid following. As if the grooves weren’t enough, the band have developed a rapport with their audiences which gets everyone up on their feet.

Grupo Lokito write their own original tunes: stories of life ranging from love tales, reflections on the trials facing musicians trying to make a home away from home, wisdom of the elders to the simple joy of dancing.

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